Morocco my way (Lifestyle photographer)

A month ago, I had the chance to spend a week in Morocco. Of course, I brought a few of my cameras with me and I had one goal in mind. I didn’t want to just document my trip. I wanted to create images that I can feel. I wanted my images to hit me in the feels.

I think I’ve succeeded.

Mini essay on light (Life: Unmade The Workshop Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the Life: Unmade The Workshop taught by the uber-talented Amy Rushbrook of Lark and Bear. To this day,  I still struggle to find the right words to describe the experience we lived that weekend. Beyond all the things she generously taught us over that weekend,  Amy also achieved to create a space where we all felt safe to cry, laugh and share our thoughts and experiences.

During the workshop, we had the chance to photograph 3 beautiful families. Today, I’m presenting you a snippet of the first session where I focused on the relationship between shadows and highlights.
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